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Our Newsletter

We publish a newsletter two or three times a year.

Fall 2005 (PDF).

Winter 2004 (HTML). Contains an article on Japanese Knotweed, recent news and wildflife reports.

Summer 2003 (HTML). Contains a spring planting report, and a summary of spring nature sightings from members.

Spring 2003 (HTML). Contains a report on winter site preparation, news about City plans for Todmorden redevelopment, and a profile of Skunk Cabbage.

Winter 2002 (HTML). Contains an update on our Trillium funding, and a summary of the Fall planting program.

Spring/Summer 1995 (HTML). Contains an update on the Wetland Planting program, and an article by Steve Smith on the restoration at Todmorden Mills.

TMWP publications and reports

Kamstra, J. 2003. Todmorden Mills Environmental Baseline Study. Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve, Toronto, Ontario. 46 pages. A study of the soils, vegetation communities and wildflife of the Preserve.

Kim, M. 1995. Todmorden Mills Wetland Enhancement preliminary monitoring data. EYC project 301. Unpublished.

Taylor, Mark E., and Associates. 1993. Todmorden Mills: A Concept Sketch for a Master Plan for a Wetland Enhancement and Wildflower Preserve. Prepared for Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve and Heritage Garden.

Taylor, Mark E., and Associates, and Schollen & Company Ltd. 1998. Todmorden Mills Wetland Site Remediation Plan. Prepared for Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Committee.


Here are a selected set of articles and books which relate to Todmorden Mills and the Preserve.

Sauriol, C. 1992. Trails of the Don Hemlock Press, Ontario. 344 pages.

Herzberg, L., and H. Juhola. 1987. Todmorden Mills. A Human and Natural History. Toronto Field Naturalists, Toronto. 46 pages.

Darke, E. 1995. A Mill Should be Built Thereon. Natural History/ Natural Heritage Inc., Toronto, Ontario. 116 pages.

Guthrie, A. 1986. Don Valley Legacy The Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario. 213 pages.

Banville, D. 1994. The Vascular Plants of Metropolitan Toronto. Toronto Field Naturalists, Toronto, Ontario. 118 pages.

Related Web Sites

A select list of organizations that partner with us.

Friends of the Don East (FODE)
A partner with us in the annual spring clean-up at Todmorden Mills.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
The TRCA manages the Don River and the floodplain. The TRCA were contracted to install the trail in 2000.