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Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve

Sponsors and Partners

Since the beginning of the Preserve in 1991, a number of public and private institutions and groups have generously supported our work. Here is a list:

  • American Express (employee volunteers participate in plantings)

  • Borough of East York (wetland project funding)

  • Boy Scouts, 132nd Seton Branch (attend plantings)

  • Toronto Wildflower Society (plantings, exotics control)

  • City of Toronto, Parks and Recreation (permits, approvals for work, funding)

  • Ducks Unlimited (wetland funding)

  • E.J.L.B. Foundation (wetland project funding)

  • Earth Day Canada (funding partner, promotion)

  • East Side Players (funding)

  • East York Garden Club (funding)

  • East York Community Outreach Services Group (plantings)

  • Environmental Youth Corp (personnel, funding)

  • Friends of the Don East (plantings, garbage cleanups, promotion)

  • George Lunan Fund (Wetland project funding)

  • George Weston Ltd. (funding)

  • Girl Guides, Sherwood Division (plantings)

  • Home Depot (wetland project funding)

  • J. P. Bickle Foundation (wetland funding)

  • Leaside Garden Society (funding)

  • Local Schools (plantings)

  • Midland Walwyn (Wetland project funding)

  • Ontario Horticultural Society (affiliate partner, funding, plant material, organizational support)

  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (funding)

  • Riverdale Horticultural Society (plantings, funding)

  • Rotary Club, Ecosystem Education Program (funding, volunteers, logistical support)

  • Shell Environment Fund (Wetland project funding)

  • Sherwood Park Advisory Committee (knowledge-sharing)

  • Society for Ecological Restoration, Ontario Chapter (planting, consultation)

  • Sun Life Assurance Co. (Wetland project funding)

  • Task Force to Bring Back the Don (plantings, maintenance work)

  • TD-Canada Trust Friends of Environment Fund (funding)

  • Todmorden Museum (partner for garbage clean-ups, consultation)

  • Toronto Field Naturalists (promotion, walks)

  • Toronto Region Conservation Authority (consulting, in-kind donations)

  • Tradition Fine Foods (Oxbow funding)

  • Urban Forest Associates Inc. (consulting expertise, funding)

  • Whistlers Restaurant (promotion)