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Lake Reserve and Tauherenikau Estuary

Lake Reserve
Tauherenikau Estuary at Lake Reserve.

Lake Reserve and the Tauherenikau Estuary is situated at the northern end of Lake Wairarapa where the Tauherenikau River enters the lake. This is an ideal place to view waterfowl and shorebirds. Bring a boat or canoe and explore the array of back waters and sand bars.

Birds to look for: Birds that may be seen here include: Black Shag, Little Shag, Pied Stilt, Black-fronted Dotterel, Banded Dotterel, Black Swan, Canada Goose, Caspian Tern, Variable Oystercatcher, and occasionally Royal Spoonbill.

Lake Reserve map

How to get there

When coming from the south it can be reached by turning right into Murphy's Line some 2 kms north of Featherston. Approaching from the north, Murphy's Line is the second on your left after crossing the Tauherenikau River bridge.

Follow Murphy's Line straight for 3 kms. Turn right where it terminates at a T junction. A further 2 kms on take the left hand turn at the T junction and Lake Wairarapa is reached in about 0.5 km. where the tarseal runs out. Pass through a cattlestop on your left and follow gravel road along the lake edge for about 2 kms where it terminates at the Tauherenikau Delta, an array of back waters and sand bars where the Tauherenikau River enters the lake.

Tin Hut
The Tin Hut is en-route.


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