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Pennsylvania Leather-wing
(Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus)

Description: Orange beetle, with two prominent brown "eyes" on the wing covers (elytra). One of the commonest types of Soldier Beetle of which there are several hundred species. Adults feed on pollen and nectar of Goldenrod flowers. Larvae are predatory on other insects and considered useful as biological control for grasshoppers.

Habitat: Goldenrod flowers in fields and meadows.

Length: 25 mm

Adults: June - October

Blister Beetle
(Meloe sp.)

Description: Head looks oversized for the small thorax and the antennae resembles a string of beads, composed of 11 segments. If you grab one, it exudes a brown liquid which can cause blisters.

Habitat: Commonly found on Goldenrod flowers in fields and meadows.

Length: 15 mm

Adults: June - October

Milkweed Beetle
(Tetraopes tetrophthalmus)

Description: Bright red beetle with black spots and elongated antennae. Adults feed on the leaves of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), and larvae bore into the stems and roots.

Habitat: Common Milkweed plants in fields and meadows.

Length: 15 mm

Adults: June - October

Locust Borer
(Megacyllene robiniae)

Description: Bluey-black with yellow stripes. Legs red. Elongated oval shape. A member of the "Long-horned Beetle" family as evidenced by the long antennae. Adults eat pollen and nectar of Goldenrods.

Habitat: Goldenrod plants in meadows and fields.

Length: 20 mm

Adults: June - October

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